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We also provide you with the right editor for rare languages ​​and unusual disciplines.

Why do I need an editor? Nothing is more embarrassing than misprints in publications. They cause high unnecessary costs. If one discovers them only after the publication, it is already too late. No matter how many times you read your texts, you will never find any mistakes. Only the eyes of a professionally trained lecturer can give you the certainty that your texts are really ready for duplication.

How do I recognize a good editor? Anyone can write correctly, but hardly anyone can be perfect. Our editors love the language. They delve into trifles that the untrained proofreader will never notice. Our proofreaders correct texts in their native language. This guarantees best detection rates. In addition, we attach importance to the fact that each of our lecturers has a suitable training such. B. has completed studies.

How much does an editor cost? If the editor finds a mistake before publishing, it will not cost you anything. What would she cost the reprint of a print run? How much do you estimate your image damage? An editor causes low costs and avoids high unnecessary costs.

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The right editor for every country We also provide the right editor for unusual languages. Our proofreaders work for you. In many countries of Africa, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, India, Thailand, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA and numerous other countries.

Subject It’s relatively easy to find a good general text editor. For special topics such. As taxation or computer science, it is already much harder. Each of our editors has expertise in at least one specific subject area. We provide you with lecturers with the appropriate expertise for your text. A short excerpt from the fields covered by our proofreaders: plant construction, job placement, architecture, astrology, audio engineering, auction, foreign trade, automotive, construction, funeral, mining, education, biology, biotechnology, accounting, CAD, chemistry, printing, EDP, retail, Electronics, electrical engineering, energy technology, food and drink, film, finance, fitness, floristry, aircraft construction, research, training, photography, leisure, building services, genetic engineering, geography, German studies, health, (wholesale) trade, handicraft, hardware, building construction, Woodworking, Real Estate, Industry, Information Technology, Internet, Journalism, Law, Cartography, Automotive, Children, Cooking, Cosmetics, Art, Food, Logistics, Aviation, Marketing, Mathematics, Media, Medicine, Exhibition, Metal, Military, Fashion Design, Multimedia, Music, optics, education as well as many more.

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