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At uebersetzer-und-dolmetscher.com you benefit from simple processing, fast order processing, 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, high quality and low prices!

Simple handling To book a translation, a copy-editing or an interpreter, three simple steps are required: Request with delivery of the texts, order and payment.

1. Make an inquiry Register as a customer of Translax24 SarL. Choose the appropriate service, language, discipline and submit your request. Together with the request upload the necessary files to our server (in progress, please mail us your request directly).

2. Acceptance and Payment You will receive an e-mail in the shortest possible time with the estimated costs of translator and interpreter.com. If you agree with our price, you pay as a new customer the advance payment required in the confirmation e-mail via bank transfer, cash, credit card, PayPal, postal payment or Western Union etc. … We offer weekly and / or monthly lump sums to our regular customers.

3. Handover Upon receipt of payment, the translator or lecturer will immediately begin the work of the texts you have supplied. The finished translation / proofreading is ready for download on our server within a very short time.

Interpreters are paid in advance and appear at the agreed time at the agreed place. Translator and interpreter.com guarantees the punctual appearance of the interpreter in the right place and at the right time.

High quality The professional title translator is protected in hardly any country. Everyone can call themselves translators. This results in very large differences in quality. Translator and Interpreter.com aims to relieve you of the work of finding a high quality translator or editor.

Training All our translators, interpreters and editors have a recognized education. We do not work with students or beginners. Our translators, interpreters and proofreaders are specialists with many years of professional experience and also have a corresponding university degree. Many of them are native speakers or have spent at least several years in the country of their target languages. They not only know the language itself, they have also studied the mentality of peoples.

Certification For each certified translation, you will receive a valid certificate, which confirms the correctness of the translation according to supplied source material officially and recognized. Upon request, you will also receive over-certification / apostille or company-internal certificate.

Low prices At translators and interpreters.com is not only the speed and quality, our prices also shun no comparison with competitors!

Convinced of our services? Send us a non-binding inquiry today for a translator, editor or interpreter!

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