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You hardly believe it, but especially in German – speaking countries it is relatively difficult to find the right German translator or the right German translator.

Why it is like that?

The professional title “Translator” is not legally protected in Germany and Austria. Everyone can call themselves translators, but few really have the right qualifications.

All German translators at meet the following qualifications:

  • You speak German as your mother tongue or have completed at least a multi-year or permanent stay in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.
  • All of our German translators work as full-time translators and have several years’ professional experience as well as extensive knowledge in several disciplines. We do not teach students or occasional translators.
  • Many of our translators have a university degree with a degree appropriate to their profession, such as: B. graduated translator.
  • Some of our German translators grew up bilingually, the highest guarantee of high quality translation.

Your advantages

You will receive the desired German translation in no time, faster than most “normal” German translation agencies. You complete the complete order from your laptop, mobile or tablet, the whole process runs online and without paper. Simply send us the documents in the original language and you will soon have a high quality German translation in your possession. The whole thing at a very attractive price.

German – translations of high quality. Translax24 guarantees the high quality of the delivered German translations. We only work with full-time German translators with long professional experience and appropriate training. There are no students or occasional translators employed. All our German translators have at least one special field of specialization. Our friendly customer service is available throughout the processing time.

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The right german translator for every country! We work worldwide with qualified German translators from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Romania, USA, England, Ireland, Canada, Malta, Scotland, Spain and France. Even outside these countries many native German translators work with us.

Each of our German translators has his own specializations.

We teach you the right German – Translator for every topic. An alphabetical excerpt from the fields of our German – Translators: Automobile, Bank, Construction, Funeral, Mining, Education, Biology, Biotechnology, Accounting, CAD, Chemistry, Surgery, Coaching, Computer, Design, Direct Marketing, Detective, Printing, EDP, Retail trade, Electronics, Electrical engineering, Energy technology, Food and drink, Vehicle construction, Aircraft construction, Research, Training, Photography, Leisure, Gastronomy, Building technology, Genetic engineering, Geography, German studies, Health, (Wholesale) Trade, Handicraft, Hardware, Hobby, Building construction, Woodworking , Real Estate, Industry, Journalism, Law, Cartography, Automotive, Children, Cooking, Cosmetics, Culture, Art, Agriculture, Food, Logistics, Aviation, Marketing, Engineering, Mathematics, Media, Medicine, Exhibition, Metal, Music, Nature, Optics , Education, Patent, Recruitment, Pharmacy, Politics, Quality Control, Law, Travel, Religion, Restaurant, Tax Services, Textile, Word Processing, Theate r, theology, civil engineering, animals, animal breeding, tourism, TV, environment, entertainment, accommodation, vacation, association, sale, transport, rental, insurance, distribution, (public) administration, web design, wellness, advertising, dental technology, journal.

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We deliver German – translations among others in the following language combinations:

English-German / German-English, Spanish-German / German-Spanish, French-German / German-French, Italian-German / German-Italian, Albanian-German / German-Albanian, Arabic-German / German-Arabic, Bosnian German / German-Bosnian, Bulgarian-German / German-Bulgarian, Chinese-German / German-Chinese, Danish-German / German-Danish, Estonian-German / German-Estonian, Finnish-German / German-Finnish, Greek-German / German-Greek, Hebrew-German / German-Hebrew, Dutch-German / German-Dutch, Indian-German / German-Indian, Japanese-German / German-Japanese, Korean-German / German-Korean, Croatian-German / German Croatian, Latvian-German / German-Latvian, Lithuanian-German / German-Lithuanian, Malay-German / German-Malay, Norwegian-German / German-Norwegian, Polish-German / German-Polish, Portuguese-German / German-Portuguese, Rumänisc h-German / German-Romanian, Russian-German / German-Russian, Serbian-German / German-Serbian, Slovak-German / German-Slovak, Thai-German / German-Thai, Czech-German / German-Czech, Turkish German / German-Turkish, Ukrainian-German / German-Ukrainian, Hungarian-German / German-Hungarian, Vietnamese-German / German-Vietnamese and several other languages.

Document types for translations

We will find the right translator for each of your documents!

An alphabetical excerpt from the document types of our translators: Request, Quotation, Guidance, Application, Ad, Essay, Bachelor Thesis, Report, Book, Doctoral Dissertation, Technical Documentation, Textbook, Festschrift, Handbook, Journal, Conference Report, Master Thesis, Manuscript, Master Thesis, Memo, Novella, Patent, Specifications, Brochure, Speech, Report, Research Paper, Script, Student Thesis, Contract, Preliminary Print, Lecture, Lecture, Testimony, Newspaper, Admissions and much more.
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German is currently the official language in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

German is also widely spoken or spoken by regional minorities in the following countries:
Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Kazakhstan, Holland, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Africa, Czech Republic and USA.

A good German translation is the key to opening new markets for your business!

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